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DJ-0012-05 Mondo Djembe Drum - Earth, 12" Folk & World Hand Drums

other,Folk & World Hand Drums Folk & World Hand Drums

  • Style: Earth ?|? Size: 12"
  • The Mondo Djembe features full-range tuning with rich, warm bass and well-defined slap tones, making it the most user-friendly Djembe worldwide.
  • Remo Djembe Drums are the most popular of all of their World Percussion instruments
  • Key-tuned Remo djembes are as widely used by touring professionals as they are in drum circles
  • The high slaps and deep bass tones from all Remo Djembes are from the Skyndeep Fiberskyn drumhead and Acoustic on shell
  • Features 8 lugs and an Earth-pattern Fabfurnish covering

DJ-0012-05 Mondo Djembe Drum - Earth, 12"

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